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Airlift II-Love Soother Mix

Okay. Time for fun! TGIS...(Thank God It's Saturday)

I am lifting up and sharing an inspirational message which I wrote back in December 2006 on the topic of the "healing sounds of music" with my pop slant of course. It has been parked on my blog at since December of last year.

I know that I'm a little late,but please let this serve as the weekend inspiration,appropriately on the subject of music that you can actually listen to.Tonight there is a full moon. So,kick up your heels,snuggle up and enjoy some soothing sounds. It is my "Music Sculpture" for you to share with your friends,if you'd like...

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Airlift II Dec 08, 2006 | 08:00 AM Airlift

This is a "music sculpture"(patent pending), playlist entitled "Airlift II" and it is dedicated to all my friends out there who just want and need to be "lifted up" and loved.

Unlike bronze,woodl,stone. clay,or canvas, "music sculptors" us…

Don't Give Up Africa: AIDS Crisis in Africa

Today President George Bush announced his five (5)year- $30 billion dollar plan for AIDS Relief to Africa.It is called the President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief or PEPFAR(More...) Don't get too excited. After reading Bono's statement in response,I don't think we should pull out the corks just yet. In a statement released today,he said..." this could be a turning point if other G8 countries meeting in Germany next week follow President Bush's lead". Hold that thought.

This past Sunday,I spent my time at a Ghanaian Church in Brooklyn, New York celebrating their Men's Day.Even though I am a woman,I was invited and participated on the program as one of the "distinguished guests". The Ghanaian Ambassador was also there.The church was packed and there was an air of fullness and abundance in the atmosphere which satiated my spirit and soul.

While worshipping and socializing with members of the congregation,the most preeminent thought in my mind…

Dream Come True

Today is a beautiful day,the sun is shining brilliantly in New York City. I feel like I'm in California the weather is so wonderful. If any of you have ever visited or lived in San Francisco or L.A. then you know what I'm sensing.

Since I'm on that brilliance vibe,I thought it would be great to lift up the vibration of dreams coming true along with the song medley "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" by famous Hawaiian musician the late Israel Kamakawiwi 'ole Ever felt like just walking through that open door? Well,that's how I feel every day. But today, the "dream" for some reason feels within reach and with God's grace that should be the reality everyday.

The below poem,"Dream Come True", I wrote in 2003-a very good year for me poetically- I wrote at least twenty new poems and revised about as many old ones from my poetry archives. This poem was also read by yours truly at my first open mike show at a local neighborh…