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Heavier Octaves Radio Program Update

This is Friday and it is time for the weekend inspiration.Today's blog is short,sweet and to the point.

I'm thinking about beginning each weekend with a Radio Program Update and Summary,which will provide a brief rundown on important issues and developments in the world of pop culture which includes social and humanitarian action.You are probably already aware of some of the developments, if you've read the emails I've sent out earlier this week.

I hope this audio provides reassurance that I am not out to wear your vision down with long blogs. In celebration of the weekend,just click on the link provided below and get the latest news prepared especially for you. After all,I have to provide some evidence that I "speak" to stay in line with the title of this blog(smile). Here you go:

Heavier Octaves Radio Program Update

If you care to subscribe to the podcast,go here and click on one or more of the feeds of your choice on our podcast page.

Talk to you on Monday.


"Instant Karma":The Campaign to Save Darfur

Today,I lift up the subject of Darfur. I just received an email from Rock the Vote. I've been a long time supporter of their activities. As station host of the Heavier Octaves internet radio broadcast, I promoted a fair amount of their PSA's by celebrities encouraging young people to vote.They've sent out information regarding the release of the new "Instant Karma"benefit CD, a compilation of John Lennon songs covered by some of today's top established and emerging artists.

Lennon's widow Yoko Ono will donate the publishing royalties associated with the album to the cause.In a statement associated with the announcement of the CD project earlier this year,Ono stated:
"It's wonderful that, through this campaign, music that is so familiar to many people of my era will now be embraced by a whole new generation," Ono said in a statement. "John's music set out to inspire change, and in standing up for human rights, we really can make the …


Darfur is a place and subject which is either in the forefront of your mind or placed in the far recesses of it out of sheer choice to preserve your sanity. The unfathomable atrocities that are being committed by humans against their fellow beings is something that you don't want to stay fixed in your mind's eye for too long. Unfortunately,it must be acknowledged in order to be resolved and an end put to it.

Protest Songs:Sing Up!

"A Wish for Peace" by Peppita Selles

As today's inspiration,I thought it would be great to make a joyful noise in celebration and praise of the freedom to vote,to speak our minds and to protest.

While at it,you might want to check up on the Voting Rights Amendment news or register to vote yourself,if you have not done so already.

The right to vote did not come easily.It was hard fought.So was the right to speak freely and responsibly.Often,people have given their lives so that we could have the freedom to express ourselves without fear of reprisal,retaliation or execution.

Follow the link below to an article on a MySpace blog originally copied from the archives of the "Heavier Octaves High Notes" Blogzine which was published on April 24,2006.It contains Heavier Octaves' top pics from Mojo Magazine's Top 100 Protest Song List of all time.Find it at the Heavier Octaves MySpace bloghere.Some new songs have been added as well from recent times,including Alicia …