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John Coltrane's Reflections on Religion

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John Coltrane had to be one of the most profound musicians of his generation. Some of that wisdom has carried over into today. I have definitely enjoyed interviews that I've come across and other treasured source information on this great jazz saxophonist.

I thought I'd top this entry from a blog that I wrote earlier this year, which I maintain over at Myspace.

Monday, January 29, 2007
John Coltrane Reflections/Profile Songs of the Week I happened to come across a John Coltrane Myspace page today in search of the ideal Profile Song of the Week. These reflections on music by the Jazz master himself did just the thing for me. Unfortunately,I can't place any of his music in the Heavier Octaves' profile song player,because this John Coltrane page does not have any music uploaded. I did place a video of his performance of Afro Blue featuring Elvin Jones on the meantime,if…

What Do You Do When You Get There?:The Katrina Rebuilding Effort

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The Sunday New York Times ran a special comprehensive spread today on progress in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The much needed full issue dedication is pretty timely,especially in light of the "Weekend Inspiration" emailed out to friends on Friday-- a copy of my sermon ,What Do You Do When You Get There?-A Reflection on the Poverty Initiative's January 2006 Katrina Relief Team Trip to the Gulf Coast. It chronicles last year's mission trip to the Gulf Coast,Ocean Springs,Biloxi and New Orleans while at the same time, wrestles to make some sense of the devastation in the face of slow motion recovery and rebuilding efforts. I am happy to be in such good tune with current events. I hope that edge will inspire healing in the form of timely, equitable and effective rebuilding in the great city of New Orleans.

To date, the move towards progress continues at a snail's pace even for real estate mogul Donald Trump, who has a $400 Millio…