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The Weekend Inspiration:Virginia Tech Benefit- Mountain High Reflections (Edited 9.12.07),(9.17.07)

...And Anatomy of A "Community Healing"

John Mayer performing before the estimated audience of 50,000

Me seated among the 50,000 or so students and families,making friends and witnessing their enjoyment of the show, while anticipating the next "human wave". BTW,this was also the seating area earmarked for "media"--The Red Zone. I was scanning the crowd intermittently for sightings of others sporting "media" tags to see what they were up to. More on that in a future blog. Hmmm...

Robbie McIntosh(Mayer band member),Leroi Moore (DMB) and John Mayer performing "Gravity" finale

Night view of concert and arena ambiance. The work is almost done...It was a beautiful sight.I was fortunate to have experienced it first hand.

Pre-Concert Interviews,etc...

Me outside Lane Stadium a little after 2:00p.m. waiting to interview students.Boy,was it hot out there. No shade, no tent...(ouch!)

Keith Logan, a senior at Virginia Tech and one of the stu…