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Global Day of Action Against Poverty (Revised 11.3.07)

" Purple Dream Come True" Drawing by Cynthia D. Wilson

Today is the Global Day of Action Against Poverty.In recognition of this sentiment and in an effort to heighten perspective about the ravages of poverty around the globe,which has both spiritual and material consequences,I dedicate a poem which I wrote several years ago. Entitled "Love is the Currency", here is a link to the audio podcast and written introduction which is posted on "Cynthia D. Wilson Speaks-To Go", an abbreviated or take out version of this "Cynthia D. Wilson Speaks and Writes" blog.

As you read it, reflect on money and how this wonderful concept and tool has been and continues to be misused by some. As beautiful a resource money is and can be, it is frequently misused in our world as a tool of oppression and malevolent control.How people will sometimes do any and everything for the "almighty dollar", as the classic O'Jays song "For the Love of Money"