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Media And Image Bias Continues to Rear Its Head in This Year's Presidential Race

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A good friend  emailed the following article to me this morning as part of an email broadcast to her friends,originally posted by Cenk Uygur in the Huffington Post on March 19,2008.The above photo is my own addition to this subject matter as a means of provoking thought and was not at all a part of the blog featured below.

While I should have weighed in on this subject much sooner,I think now is as good a time as any to express  disdain for the manner in which the Rev. Wright controversy has been handled over the last few months by not only the media, but the pundits, the candidates and political strategists as well.

I believe that both Senator Obama and Dr. Jeremiah Wright were done a disservice by being backed into corners and run over by "trains of thought" fixed and headed down the tracks to an unavoidable end.An end in many ways choreographed by petty bigotries,ignorance and racial fears, and subtle,if not blatant psychological manipulation. Yes. I believe …