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In Memoriam:Leroi Moore-Weekend Inspiration Blast from the Past-Creativessel Inspirations: A Good Combination

Leroi Moore Performing at New York's Roseland Ballroom
May 9,2005-Photo Source

Creativessel Inspirations: A Good Combination

This week's Weekend Inspiration is in memory of Leroi Moore,saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band who passed away this past Tuesday afternoon,August 19, due to complications from an ATV accident in late June. He was 46.

I thought I'd lift this blog posting from last year's benefit concert for Virginia Tech featuring Dave Matthews Band,John Mayer,Nas and Phil Vassar as the "Weekend Inspiration".It serves as an example of what happens when musicians get together to play music to "uplift and encourage" a traumatized and grief stricken community.This post and the related blogs below which contain music from the concert or associated videos makes up the playlist.

Enjoy reminiscing.It really was a wonderful do I know?I was there...

Thanks for the music,Leroi. Rest in peace.

The Chaplain of Pop