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...A Reminder to Vote

What must it feel like to carry the hopes and dreams of an entire race of people on your shoulders?

"As much as I hate to say it, I know beyond a doubt that the next four three weeks are going to be nasty. He's leading, and there are people who simply cannot stomach the idea of his beautiful family living in the White House. There will be smears, all sorts of slander and lies, the likes of which you've probably rarely seen. So we got to pray for this man. And please . . . make sure you VOTE!!! Vote early if you can!" - anonymous

I received both the above photo,its caption and linked power point presentation in my ususal stream of emails from friends today. They are sure to provide all the motivation and energy needed to go out to the polls on Tuesday,November 4,2008, determined more than ever to make your vote count.

The slideshow is awesome.It brought back many painful yet profound memories from the past. They have spu…