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Give Them Their Flowers...

Cynthia Wilson chatting with Black Film Icon and Actress
Ruby Dee at the National Newspaper Publisher's Association
(NNPA) Awards Reception honoring Ms. Dee during the Congressional
Black Caucus Legislative Weekend-Fri. Sept. 25,2009

I was happy to be there and even happier that the National Newspaper Publisher's Association(NNPA) was honoring her with an award that night, giving her flowers while she could still enjoy them.

It was a particularly special time for me. You see the last time I had the opportunity to talk with Ruby Dee was in 1983 in Detroit, Michigan at the after party for a play entitled the Ninth Hour written, produced and directed by playwright Barry Pugh. That very same night at the same party we also celebrated our birthdays together. Yes. Ms. Dee was gracious enough to share her birthday with me. And, I can't tell you what that did for me as a young African American woman, serving as Special Project Assistant for the first African American woman to be ele…