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Its been a while since I revealed a meaningful inspiration. Not that I have not been inspired. It’s just that I have admittedly been so into things seemingly not going the way that I had hoped and prayed they would go for so many years I honestly just about– and I am still trying to catch up with what almost passed me by– missed my Blessing.

I will spare the gory details. Suffice it to say,I am almost too ashamed to tell it. You see, I have been experiencing the proverbial “been down so long syndrome,that I did not realize when I was going up”. I probably should not write it exactly like that,but it is the hard cold and raw truth. Call it hurt,anger,disappointment in not having it my way and being mad at god for taking so long. Yes. That is the not so inspiring half of someone who is supposed to be able to generate inspiration on the toss of a flower or the drop of a hat. Throw in an avalanche of discovering things about life and people and friends that I could have been better off n…

Stop the Oil Stream

Poster Art by Cynthia Wilson

A month ago I started a cause on Facebook, "A Call to Prayer, Mission and Action for the Gulf Coast."  In so doing, I knew that there had already been 20 billion dollars  that had been set aside by BP after pointed negotiations with government officials and President Barack Obama. States in the Gulf Coast region have received millions of dollars in tourism, boosting funds as part of an extensive public relations campaign by BP to control damages. So far as a result of the tragic explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig which began this long and monstrous ordeal to contain millions of barrels raging from the ocean floor daily, 11 lives have been lost,thousands of sea inhabitants including shellfish,birds,turtles and dolphins have died. Portions of the  marshlands are oozing with oil, the sandy beaches have been  invaded by tar balls and there are thick gooky globs and strings of oil swimming around throughout vast regions of the Gulf.

Many  ar…