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President Barack Obama on the View This A.M.

President Barack Obama will make TV history this morning by being the first US President to appear on a daytime television program. The show is-- 'The View': Satisfying 'how resilient the American people are'.
A partial transcript of the show is provided below:

ABC has released some transcripts of the interview early. Barbara Walters speaks with the President about the economy, the war in Afghanistan and his persona in the press.

Barbara Walters: But you know we said this has been a kind of difficult time for you, between the oil and questions of racism and Afghanistan and a few other little things. We understand that you sit at night with your daughters and your wife and you do the rose and the thorn, right? Do you still do it?

President Obama: We still do it. Although Malia is now at camp and Sasha is away at a friend's house, so it's just me and Michelle.

Barbara Walters: We'll do it for you. We'll do it for you. In the last month what has been t…