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A Song for Kanye: It's About Forgiveness and Class. Hooray to Taylor for Letting it Shine Through Her Music!

I watched the Video Music Awards last Sunday on MTV in anticipation of an engaging program filled with spectacular pop performances. I was also eagerly expecting some suprise performances. From the list that had been broadcast in previews of the show, the line-up did not seem to be well rounded. But the show came through and most of the performances were good. There were several which were very good,despite the industry's subconscious or conscious attempt to echo GaGa-esque music filled with that muffled speaker type echo. I honestly don't know the technical musical term for it,but most of you know what I am making reference to if you've listened to the songs in the  pop music top 10.  Most of them have that same sound effect...and beat. I do enjoy the outlandishly creative Ga Ga outfits though. She is a creative genius in image design to say the least.Anyway,enough of the introductories.

All of the performances were entertaining. There was one performance that night with…