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Oprah,Zuckerberg Set Tone for Big Giving to Schools

The increasing trend of big giving among those who can well afford to give and put loads of cash into  social improvement as well as "money where their mouth is" is encouraging. The fact that a good deal of the money has been earmarked and dedicated to bettering public education not only speaks to the need for the shift in focus to public education as a giving piority in our country,but an area in need of care and attention.. The timing coincides remarkably with the release of the movie documentary "Waiting for Superman" ,which is an expose on the state of our public schools by Guggenheim, the director of  the award-winning "Inconvenient Truth" as well as "The Social Network" a movie about Facebook,its founders,including Mark Zuckerberg  and how it came to be.

Oprah's  recent gift of 6 million to Chicago area schools is one act in a long list of humanitarian giving which has been a signature of the trailblazing and award-winning talk shoe …