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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum:Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?

With the apparent rise of  teen suicide,severe depression and the report of other emotional disturbance as a result of harm done by so-called friends on the web,there is a need for  heightened involvement by the authorities and those in the  grass roots web community who will join forces and make the internet a safer,more quality medium of communication.

The news about the young man who committed suicide is particularly distressing.  The act of recording his sexual intercourse with another man by webcam to expose and embarass was a cruel and reprehensible act. Distraught about how his privacy was invaded and his life put on display on the social network Facebook, he plunged to a cold and horrible death. That another human being's action could cause another to take their own life sends chills up my spine and should be galvanizing decent,caring and  concerned  people to take constructive action about the current state of internet communication and the glaring violations of privacy o…