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Oprah's Parting Words On Farewell Show-"Until We Meet Again. To God Be the Glory!"

Oprah's parting words on today's farewell show was not a goodbye,because she did not want to use that term. Instead she told her studio audience and millions of viewers worlwide, "Until we meet again. To god be the glory." Oprah has been a tremendous inspiration to me over the years and I join with millions of friends and viewers to the show in wishing her well. Oprah's humble manner and graciousness won me over as a fan and admirer from the beginning. I have been a loyal viewer for years.

The farewell season has been phenomenal. The United Center Spectacular was riveting. But,this show today was my favorite one of all. Why? Because Oprah in the way that only she could, came full circle and stressed the importance of her viewing audience, proof positive of the magical connection she has with everyday people.On the show,Oprah has no guests onstage. There is no fanfare and she says there will be no makeovers,no cars She stands regally, yet humbly before her guest…