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Serena Williams' Court 2 Assignment: Engineering Derision and Racial Superiority with a Full Court Press?

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When I read the news yesterday about how Serena had been relegated to Court Two (2) I was baffled. The inferences being drawn and the questions it has stirred concerning racism and sexism at Wimbledon has sparked a lively interest in the goings on in that rather prestigious competition. I thought I was reading perhaps a very dated article from a very old publication   There must have been some  time warp that had taken place in the media and real time. I obviously had not gotten the full scoop or had  read the print clearly. After all this is the 21st century and we are definitely not in the 50's or 60's when racism frequently reared its ugly head. Selena and Venus were not even born then. And, of course Europe was usually a safe haven, a destination of escape from the limitations of  race politics, particularly for black entertainers and athletes of renown.

Sometimes blatant and frequently subtle, psychological assaults laced with innuendoes of inferiority were s…