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Shar House

These are photos taken during a recent visit to a drug rehabilitation and self-help addiction center Shar House. Our church has adopted one of the rooms which is in the process of being redecorated and spruced up by some spirit filled sisters.
 What I loved most about the place was the spirit of genuine sharing that embodies its philosophy to the extent that it is in fact a reality, not just a superficially promoted slogan. The house is truly built of  community efforts of the various churches and organizations that come together to adopt individual rooms and beautifully decorate them with amazing wall colors,window treatments,art work, stripped,varnished and glistening hardwood floors. It demonstrated what can be done when people really come together in a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation with love in their hearts.  No duress or coercion involved,simply inspiration.
The above pictures were taken of the walls inthe conference room which,as you can see, were filled with encouraging …

Michael Jackson Brothers Object To Timing of Tribute Concert

An enthusiastic announcement made by LaToya Jackson yesterday about a Michael Jackson tribute concert to take places in Cardiff,Wales on October 8 of this year is not supported by his entire family as two of his brothers object to the timing. The proposed concert has apparently caused dissension in the family. The event has been swiftly rejected by brothers Randy and Jermaine, it appearing the concert would be in conflict with Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial currently scheduled during the same time as the concert. The brothers have expresed that the best tribute is to see that Michael receives justice. Mother, Katherine Jackson says its a fitting tribute for her son and plans to be in attendance with the rest of his siblings.