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Prophecy and Credibility

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My Take On Paul Knitter's Prophecy and Credibility

This recent post which I ran across in Union in Dialgue strikes the nail on the head and I resonated with it immediately. Paul Knitter creatively addresses the challenge faced oftentimes by the weary prophet or as referred to in Richard Sennett's article in the Nation which fuels Knitter's response, 'leftists' and in more ancient times 'seers'. He speaks to the heart of the matter,  the prophet's ongoing struggle to achieve credibility, a key to creating palpable dialogue, maintaining harmony with people dead set against seeing, perceiving let alone sitting down to the table and discussing things eye to eye and face to face out of an enormous predisposition to disagree. More likely than not, they have also put up an invisible wall or two in places such as the psyche and other undetectable places a prophet may have already sensed which contributes substantially to their stridency. Somehow re…

Joy Comes In the Morning

Today's word is a message about joy as well as a prayer for those in need. I am dedicating it especially to our nation today during this time of downgrade. Let's keep the spirit of the U.S.A lifted up.