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Showing posts from September 4, 2011

Detroit Welcomes Obama with "Fired Up" Chants of "Four More Years"

Throngs of enthusiastic labor leaders and workers qued up on Detroit's major thoroughfare,Woodward Ave.(photos below) early in the day to participate in the Annual Labor Day Parade,an event that honors and appreciates labors rich legacy.  It is a much anticipated event in which the people who use their physical bodies and minds often employing elbow grease to make life easier for the rest of us. This year's parade was special, filling the hearts of Detroit's labor community with pride and enthusiasm.  It would be topped off with an extraordinary opportunity to hear the first Black President of The United States, Barack Obama, make pledges to stand up for labor and to provide renewed hope for jobs.

 If you were labor you were admitted in the same general area as VIP attendees, which was a welcome psychological switch for many workers I am sure. While many in the crowd were eager to hear about the administration's job strategy,  Obama said he was not going to give it al…