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God Will Provide...Spirit Warmers and Jobs

A friend called recently, near the close of last year thrilled to announce the news about her new job.She was joyous to say the least about entering the gainful employment stream once again after so many months and years of  unemployment. Mainly a a result of the down surge in the economy which took hold during the previous administration and spilled over into the current economy resulting in what has been assessed by the experts as one of the worst recessions. Some of the experts have even slightly hinted of a depression.

More than care to admit have been in the jobless category. Some have been first timers, professionals and executives rusty in job seeking skills. Some have not been as open about their status as others due to shame, embarassment and a desire to keep up appearances.  Many  have weathered the storm quietly and honestly with dignity,few complaints and the resourcefulness born of faith in god, solid values and love of country.  It was good to hear about my friend's …