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Restoring A Sense of Home:The Great Foreclosure Settlement

The administration and those negotiating the recent multi-billion dollar (26 billion)settlement with the banks have inspired confidence that the country is on the right track,set on a firm course to obtain a just and fair result. Individual homeowners and entire communities devastated by questionable banking practices which resulted in unprecedented foreclosures can now see hope on the horizon. It is a substantive start and provides significant momentum for the pending investigation underway with the Housing Fraud committee. It is heartening that this settlement was reached. Good faith efforts to heal the housing crisis will go a long way in off-setting the banks'  image of insensitivity and  indifference to homeowners. It also restores a sense of home to those who are being foreclosed or currently have mortgages under water. The 2,000 opportunity could help to get some homewoners into another house or dwelling until they get on their feet.