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Showing posts from February 12, 2012

Give Whitney Good Love,Prayer and Care

As our hearts break upon the recent and unbelievable news of yet another beloved music icon's untimely death,let us pray to god for her and her family. Let us also pray to god to help in the understanding and healing transformation of a cultural pathology which makes death at a young age so common among our great recording artists. Such a sad fact to face on this Sunday morning that Whitney Houston will no longer be here among us. Yet many of us will find a measure of consolation in her phenomenal talent which remains worthy of respect and celebration beyond her years. Perhaps we should question intently the quality of care provided our treasured artists with the same degree of fervor and zeal we purchase their records,concert tickets,download their music and clamor for more. Rest in peace and may god rest your soul...

Cynthia Wilson,the Chaplain of Pop