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Many Voters Continue to Support, Pray and Cheer the Right to Vote On

Churches,community organizations and Get Out the Vote have revved up their engines. Well organized efforts of prayer, voting and volunteer networks have sparked unprecedented early voting turnouts across the nation. Actions have also generated legal challenges in states such as Florida. There voters are embroiled in a legal battle to extend the early voting deadline. "Souls to the Polls","Get Out the Vote", election commissions and persons having insight into the myriad issues local jurisdictions such as Detroit face. A total of 18 separate proposals are on the ballot alone, making efforts to educate and inform needed. One notable such proposal is No. 4 where the fight is on to make affordable home health care available so seniors won't feel,as the President states in the telephone call being made to voters "like they are being warehoused". Me and fellow siblings know this all too well as caregivers to two elderly parents, one faced with daily challe…