Flight: Very Much Worth Watching ""Whip's" Sober and Free

If you have not already seen this movie, it is definitely worth a trip to the theater. I found it rich in texture as far as the storytelling goes. Denzel's character Whip Whittaker,demonstrates magician like dexterity in bringing a nose-diving jet liner with in excess of 200 passengers on board to a skillful but turbulent landing with more lives saved than lost. Landing in an open field ironically adjacent to a church with a steeple which is torn off in part during the topsy-turvy landing,literally. However, it is later discovered that his blood alcohol levels were well above legal limits. Despite his celebrated heroism for the feat that fact alone if exposed to the public could considerably alter the public's opinion of his piloting skills and also subject him to years in prison for criminally negligent homicide, ending his career as a passenger pilot. It is this complex play of issues brought to life by solid acting which keeps the viewer substantively engaged. Seeing him play a vulnerable drunk and rehab bound airline pilot,was a departure from his usual roles. The movie was also filled with subtle redemption undertones concerning prayer,church,addiction,etc. One of the stewardess's was church bound as soon as the plan arrived to its destination. John Goodman was a sure scene stealer as Whip's street pharmacist. there were scenes that really pull you in and get your attention while providing a window into the degrees of denial that are evident in an alcoholic's or any drug dependent's personality--Whip's alcohol issues are complimented, compounded and ultimately salvaged by his new female friends intervention. She is grappling with her own addiction challenges. There were several scenes which stood out. The crash scene in the beginning had me on the edge of my seat. It was awesome how Whittaker was portrayed behind the pilots wheel and his command of the instruments despite the fact he had been out all night. The scene at the end where he has a heart to heart with his son while in prison and touches on the importance of truthfulness is icing on the cake. He admits to his son that he is finally sober and for the first time in his life he feels free. I was expecting a flight disaster movie after viewing the trailers,but there was so much more to the movie. And, that extra something was a pleasant surprise.


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