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Affleck's direction and combined acting was exquisite. He pulled it off well.  His character came across as understated yet skillful and confident, as it should have been. Affleck nailed it as an unassuming intelligence officer who threw his weight around with subltety and engaging sensitivity. It could be likened to an airliner having reached cruising altitude after terribly rocky turbulence. You feel the heaviness and bulk of the plane only when it's negotiating a crisis in flight. The build up throughout the film was well paced and the scene contiguity in harmony with the exceptional ensemble acting deserves recognition by peers and public. The details were notable,and, because of it, were paid attention from the brief history lesson at the movies intro to enraged Iranians putting the pieces of shredded documents and photographs back together during the height of the tension of the hostage rescue from the Canadian Ambassadors home. President Carter'…