God's Justice,Not ”Just Us”-7.15.13

Let justice roll down like mighty waters and righteousness as an everlasting stream-Amos 5:24 Back in the day a term which some might call a slang phrase,a definition for which may be found in the Urban Dictionary ,or one of comedian Richard Pryor's seminal jokes, is Just Us. Instead of Justice,black people called it just-us because of the lopsided results often found in the court and prison system for black people. As passions continue to ignite, righteous indignation and anger erupt into hues and cries for justice, building a groundswell with which to be reckoned, let us remain prayerful and hopeful as we call on God for direction. We pray that Trayvon Martin and the countless others who have been killed in similar manner and not guilty verdicts returned throughout the years won't have died without vindication and in vain. God will answer. When God answers, pray to be guided by that answer. An answer which is certain to fill hearts and minds with not only a peace which surpasses all human understanding. But holy boldness that which often, by implication would also include a resolve to take peaceful, persistent and constructive action to correct the societal ills of racial profiling,stand your ground laws, unfettered use of firearms and stalking of black youth by unmonitored and woefully unregulated vigilantes. Those also ginned up on vague and poorly constructed statutes which likely can't withstand constitutional scrutiny nor muster. And,though painful memories of past injustices perpetrated against black men--primitive and high tech lynchings alike--again surface, fueling combined rage and cynicism, let us remain mindful that God is able "through our weary years...and has led us thus far on our way.." in the words of James Weldon Johnson. But we have to march sometimes,protest and make our voices heard sometimes, speak truth to power,"Lift Every Voice and Sing,til earth and heaven ring"... transform what is regarded by consensus as a bad and imperfect result, by the very nature of our unity, combined action, voices, strength and 'calling out' purpose. We can have respect for the rule of law, accept the jury's verdict and still have access to the court of public opinion as we remain righteously indignant, respectful of the defendant and his family, empathetic and outraged for the victim and his family. That availability of choice is what makes our nation so great. The wheels of justice don't always move with the speed, direction or exactitude that man or woman would have it. However,that does not mean that the result we all believe to be right and in line with every Christian precept, every social ethic,everything that is good,perfect, pure and just, won't be the ultimate judgment meted out by the infinite creator, as he uses us as instruments and vessels of his will and purpose here on earth. This manner of viewing things may be regarded by the raw activist as too spiritual,too high road,too lackadaisical, too passive to effectively galvanize the emotions of the people, mold current sentiment into meaningful and constructive action on the issue of Trayvon Martin's senseless and untimely death. However, I believe that God is able to in the words of Old Testament Prophet Amos, "Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an everlasting stream... And God can use anyone and anything to fulfill that purpose. So, don't undervalue your position, your feelings and views. Get intimate with God. Go into your quiet place with him and ask God to use you as a vessel of forward action,peace,understanding and unity.Take time out for just a moment. Meditate,pray and reflect with God,ask what you can do with your life to make your home,your neighborhood,your community,your city,your state,your country and your world a safer less hate fiiled place. What if anything can you do about the rising incidence of gun violence? Stay abreast of developments on the laws in your city and state. Get involved. Donate your time and talent to the Trayvon Martin Foundation or the efforts of other organizations that are engaged in projects to curb racial profiling,gun violence and hate crimes.


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