The Importance of Your 2014 Midterm Vote

What is a campaign? It if anything is a vigorous
effort at promoting a cause,a person,an idea or candidate who is more than worthy of the drive and energy required to achieve the purposed outcome or result. It is also a period of intensive education and outreach to needy constituents longing for fair and comprehensive representation by qualified and capable candidates.

Whether securing votes can be best accomplished through phone banking,half minute television or two-five minute You Tube videos,in person meet and greets,book promotions,town hall meetings, time tested sterling political track records or door to door canvassing, voter turn out is key. Without question this midterm election needs an infusion of voter  capital, citizens exercising  their unfettered right to vote.  The social,economic and political soul of our country is at stake. We are down to the wire. The mid-term election is exactly one week away.

While it is usually an election that does not get as much voter turn out as the Presidential elections held every four years, this year it is crucial and should not be downplayed. With Obama having only two years left to his term in office, the outcome of this mid-term could determine important court appointments,the future of affordable health care, immigration reform, voting rights,jobs programs,urban blight and infrastructure rebuilding and so many other matters that will shape the political landscape of our country for years to come.

In short, it is a political race in which democratic  values, mores, American ideals and overall societal well-being depends upon. Of course, God first and Gods will be done is the constant prayer for those who seek guidance of a higher nature. And, I pray daily for our local,national and global leaders.

Past Republican  tactics and strategems will not get my vote. Unfortunately, obstruct,distort,finneagle and anything promoting separatism and digression  are underlying themes of Republican stumping, guiding principles of their campaign or anti-campaign. Anything or way contrary or opposite Obama  irrespective of its rationality or plausibility.

Despite all the media blitz,  campaign ads which make Democrats and those sympathetic to their policies appear ineffective or obtuse, a thoughtful review of history and current events will reveal  Democrats led by President have made progress despite spending a great deal of energy battling Republican obstruction and recalcitrance.

Thus, now the smart money has to be on those who honor equality,economic growth, enriching jobs programs,affordable quality healthcare,  sound infrastructure, careful and well thought out foreign policy,effective-- not polarizing immigration reform,etc...

We need the senate and the house working and running like the well oiled machine intended by our countrys forefathers. We need competent and compassionate  governors,senators and congresspeople working productively,if not always together on issues to keep this country at the forefront,not trailing behind.

So, vote early or on the official day.But vote smart. After all what is a campaign without an informed and enthusiastic electorate's participation in the voting booth or via absentee ballot?

I assessed the situation, local area specific issues, national and international outlooks, weighed  candidates qualifications and track records,social and community values. All proposals and referendums. Voted smart and early so excited to have the cherished opportunity to cast my ballot.

How about you? What are you going to do for campaign,community and ultimate social progress? The election booth needs you.


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