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God's Justice,Not ”Just Us”-7.15.13

Let justice roll down like mighty waters and righteousness as an everlasting stream-Amos 5:24 Back in the day a term which some might call a slang phrase,a definition for which may be found in the Urban Dictionary ,or one of comedian Richard Pryor's seminal jokes, is Just Us. Instead of Justice,black people called it just-us because of the lopsided results often found in the court and prison system for black people. As passions continue to ignite, righteous indignation and anger erupt into hues and cries for justice, building a groundswell with which to be reckoned, let us remain prayerful and hopeful as we call on God for direction. We pray that Trayvon Martin and the countless others who have been killed in similar manner and not guilty verdicts returned throughout the years won't have died without vindication and in vain. God will answer. When God answers, pray to be guided by that answer. An answer which is certain to fill hearts and minds with not only a peace whi…