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The Importance of Your 2014 Midterm Vote

What is a campaign? It if anything is a vigorous
effort at promoting a cause,a person,an idea or candidate who is more than worthy of the drive and energy required to achieve the purposed outcome or result. It is also a period of intensive education and outreach to needy constituents longing for fair and comprehensive representation by qualified and capable candidates.Whether securing votes can be best accomplished through phone banking,half minute television or two-five minute You Tube videos,in person meet and greets,book promotions,town hall meetings, time tested sterling political track records or door to door canvassing, voter turn out is key. Without question this midterm election needs an infusion of voter  capital, citizens exercising  their unfettered right to vote.  The social,economic and political soul of our country is at stake. We are down to the wire. The mid-term election is exactly one week away.While it is usually an election that does not get as much voter turn out …