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"Mighty" Good

"We pondered your love-in-action ,God, waiting in your temple. Your name, God, evokes a train of Hallelujahs wherever It is spoken, near and far; your arms are heaped with goodness-in-action.

Be glad, Zion Mountain; Dance, Judah's daughters! He does what he said he'd do!" 

Psalm 48:12-17

I just stopped by to tell you, to remind you, to inspire you, to urge you that in the face of all the madness God is Good.  God's mercy endures forever. No matter what you may see and observe with your human vision being dished out to the world.

There is indeed plenty to be either deeply concerned, overjoyed, and unfortunately, in way too many cases outright horrified about.

You might be worn out. You might have been thrown out. You might be locked out. You may have been pushed out!  You might even be tripped out , played out and shut out. BUT God's goodness-in- action will show up and show out. God will in acts of divine grace, will and intercession let you out, free you from bondage or put you back safely where you belong while turning the whole situation around! Believe that. Trust that. And, eventually witness that.

God has the power to energize your life and transform a draining, depleting or debilitating  situation into one that will move, promote and elevate you, bringing you out of it victoriously.  If you are sitting still when you should be acting in furtherance of God's divine will and plan. God will move you. Don't doubt! Don't hesitate. Go!

Word on the street is... Get up! Get Out! Stand up! Rise Up! Talk up! Speak out!  Don't be afraid or intimidated into a dead state of thewlisness when God has spoken and directed you to move forward boldly in confidence, empowered by his love, compassion and righteosness. Stand on his anointed and holy word. God is not static. Even though he may be standing still it is for you to be still. God is still moving!

Even though God has eternally demonstrated his power to bring elements of  our universe, our world our bodies, into healthy balance while continuously ferreting out evil and negativity that makes a mockery of God's plan,God is fierce when he/she needs to be. Gentler than an Easter lamb manufacturing love to protect you, backing it up and dissipating troubles with soothing cooling waters of seas and oceans pouring out all knowing ever present all powerful "mighty good!"

Speak the Good through witness, testimony of what good god has done for you. We overcome evil,  the world, and the devil through witness, the power of our testimony. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. But God comes that we may have life and live it more abundantly.
Witnessing God's goodness will help you to get through and call into "check"  illusions of darkness that seek to confuse diminish and mislead. Speak hallelujah! Trust in Jesus! Call out God's name!

Bible excerpts from The Message version ©2010 by Eugene H. Peterson.


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