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Weekend Inspiration July 20-22:Creativessel Inspirations: Remembering My First Love and Offering Some Helpful Advice

Ebenezer Baptist Church Marquis-Atlanta,Georgia

For today's blog,which you can count as the "Weekend Inspiration",I am lifting up an entry I contributed to the Creativessel Inspirations blog site. It discusses how important communication is and how it is crucial to a successful business or personal relationship that we stay in contact with those we love and those who can make a difference. We should also strive to do what we love doing, whether writing, preaching, singing, designing, lawyering, etc.

The idea was inspired and drawn from a sermon preached at the Ebenezer Baptist Church by Pastor Raphael Warnock when I visited there last January 9,2006 during Union Theological Seminary's Poverty Initiative Mission trip to the Gulf coast.The theme of the sermon was how God is a jealous God and how we have to remember him.

Against that backdrop,Rueben Stoddard and recently crowned American Idol, Jordin Sparks sing a Motown Records classic originally performed by Mar…

Live Earth Part II-Seven Point Pledge:Will it Inspire A Shift in Our Spending and Thinking Priorities?

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Global Warming,the Climate Crisis. Call it what you will. It has inspired a "greening" movement across the globe.Is our planet heating up unnaturally? Are overconsumption and senseless waste major contributors to the problem? What can you do to "cool "our planet?

Before I continue I want to make it clear that I thought the Concert Event was well organized and that it was wonderful to see so many people come together all across the globe without incident.I also appreciate the effort of Gore's Alliance and his ongoing efforts to fight global warming. However,there are issues and questions which are not addressed by the current pledge.Why not make it user friendly?

In our last session I left you with my thoughts that the Live Earth Seven Point Pledge needed tweaking.These are the reasons why.

As a "living breathing document" it can be adjusted to meet the changing and omplex needs of the people who will be signing it. An openess and receptivity…