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"The Limelight"

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It seems almost everyone and everything wants to be thrust into the "limelight" so often reserved for luminaries,celebrities and others of notable accomplishment.In fact,the desire is so pervasive,that some invent monumental incidents and blessed events to keep the light shining on them.The need for exposure is somehow linked to and in direct correlation with the amount of daily,monthly and annual income or attention,if that's what pays the rent, can be raked in. John Mccain's presidential campaign ad,(view here), which aims to ridicule as it also attempts to lessen the wattage of phenomenally popular and skilled Commander in Chief hopeful,Barack Obama, only underscores the celebrity-esque frenzy which has overtaken much of our daily thought. Taken a step further, the celebrity craze has all but redefined social and political behavior patterns, grotesquely saturating our culture. The media is constantly dishing out the Britney or Paris scoops of the day.S…