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A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum: Upping the Ante of Internet Access

Recent news of the Net Neutrality controversy and this looming agreement between Google and Verizon that is brewing or in the opinion of some, has already brewed--there is only a matter of time before
some think the tea is poured into the cup--I flinch.

In a nutshell, it appears people who do not have money to purchase special access to the internet will lose out by being marginalized and relegated to the slow lane. That lane will likely be in a constant state of congestion. You might liken it to the state of the inner cities and blighted neighborhoods that don't have the buying power to develop and look out for their communities as those in more affluent areas having solid tax bases. This analogy may seem like a stretch. But if you think about it, maybe not.

In the alternative, and what may be an even greater loss is its likelihood of spawning independent outgrowths or successionist networks i.e.,where those with special privileges could sublet or otherwise assign their access t…