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Showing posts from October 10, 2010

Cyber Bullying of a Different Color

I started blogging about my cyberbullying experiences several months ago before it reached the current "tipping point". I posted a series of notes on my wordpress blog which I have lately been unable to access,even with my password. I can go on about similar incidences on the web since this entire ordeal with "tracked" and "blocked" internet surfing began.

It seems law suits are now being filed left and right,organizations are forming coalitions with others to create more powerful and united fronts in opposition to it. I am relieved to see this momentum developing and hope that it will continue with gusto and needed consistency. It is unfortunate that a young girl dying from Hodgkins Lymphoma--only seven(7) years old at that,and a young college freshman who plunged to a cold and desolate death,jumping from the heights of the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson River, had to be the latest victims in what has been a growing evil streak in cyberspace …