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"Wherever I Go,Whatever I Do...

I just returned home to D.C. after spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Detroit with my family. I was reminded of the good feeling it is to be in the midst and surrounded by people who really emit warmth towards you,are so glad to see you and genuinely love you.

Thanksgiving dinner was great and the family fellowship was satisfying. Some of my family I hadn't seen in years and some of the new arrivals, I finally got a chance to meet. I believe I am an auntie several times over. Quite a few new faces added to the Wilson clan.

While in Detroit I also ran into Congressman John Conyers, the Dean of the Congressional Black Caucus at the local Starbucks(photo above). It was really fortuitous to run into him. We exchanged greetings and memories of Rosa Parks and the people who helped to run her organization. She used to work on his staff years ago and he remained active in most of the community programs she ran over the years.
He invited me to a local television stations community prog…