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Grammy Highlights:Mavis Staples Wins First Grammy,Aretha Tribute,Solomon Burke Tribute,John Mayer's New Look and Other Notable Moments

It did my heart good to see such respect paid by the Recording Academy at Sunday night's Grammy Award show to some of the more seasoned among the artists honored. I am happy for Mavis Staples who received her first Grammy award ever after nearly 60 years in the business. If you are a Baby Boomer you certainly remember growing up listening to some of the hit tunes performed by the Staple singers consisting of Mavis ,her dad and sister. It was a family affair for sure. There was always a place that we were willing to have them take us. "I'll Take You There" was one of their most renown hits.
What pleases me most about her big win-and,yes she won only one Grammy- but it was a gigantic win for her because of what it represented.  It must have justified her many years of perserverance,pressing on in faith and conviction even when the chips were down. The irony of it is that the record consists of spiritual songs  produced and written by Jeff Tweedy, the lead member of th…