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A DistinctivelyTalented Voice Silenced by Untimely Death- Amy Winehouse Joins Ranks of '27 Club'

The talented singer who had been battling an addiction to drugs and recent challenges in rehab-one of her biggest hits entitled the same-was found dead in her London home earlier today. The cause of her death has not yet been determined. Winehouse made her mark on the music scene at the 2008 Grammy Awards when she won five of the prestigious honors. While some are speculating that she died of a drug related overdose,her fans are hoping that she will not be remembered as a drug plagued artist in light of her very notable singing talent which inspired many singers old and new school alike. Her contralto vocal talents were respected among noted soul and R&B musicians. She has sold five million records worlwide. Amy was 27 years old at the time of her death and shares this in common with other pop culture greats who lived rather short lives in the spotlight although their talents were legendary. Dubbed by music fans as the 27 Club,it includes Jimi Hendrix,Janice Joplin, Curt Cobain a…

Martha Reeves and Other Detroit Greats Rock Out at Don Was All Star Revue

Saturday evening marked the third night of the city of Detroit's 19th Annual Diversity Festival, the multicultural and multi-genre Concert of Colors. Don Was' Detroit All-Star Revue concert venue was abuzz with performances from a variety of Detroit legends including Martha Reeves,Mitch Ryder, Melvin Davis and United Sound,Ivan Kral,Carolyn Striho, Black Irish,Jim McCarty and  jazz musician Wendell Harrison.

Most of them have been around for many years rocking the house down and waving various genres of the rock and roll flag. They all showed the packed house what they had, some even shook what their momma gave them while  exhibiting what has made many of them household names locally as well as recipients of international acclaim. Don Was with a Detroit cool and subtle panache wizzed his way around stage flipping hats between Masters of Ceremonies,guitar and bass acompaniment throughout most of the performances. Was is a producer and has been in the studio with  multiple Gram…