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An Inspiration fund...Buy American

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For whatever reason, a good portion of government aid for the ordinary citizens seems to have clogged up in one political bottleneck or the other. It just does not seem to be pouring out fast enough to meet people's immediate needs. The nation could use more jobs. Our state and local governments could use a little cash to spruce up our infrastructures and save our educational institutions. If I hear of another school closing or drive by another business location that was once thriving and now boarded up, I' not scream, but pray harder. Buy American is as much a needed slogan as it is a needed reality. It could'nt hurt to emphasize the purchase of goods and products as well as continuing to buy into and not give up on the American Dream.

Banning together is the key. If we could just convince our legislators and the people they represent of this important phenomenon. I applaud the President for the job he is doing in the face of so much bitter and often t…

Happy 85th Birthday, Tony Bennett

Legendary crooner Tony Bennett receives birthday wishes from artists  contributing to his latest recording project Duets II,slated for release next month.