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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Word has it the art of letter writing has gone somewhat missing in the wake of the text and email boom.

In our society it is important to write. You need to write lists,notes to yourself, thank you notes to people who've done you a good service,term papers for school,books to sell,your inner most feelings to loved ones and so on and so forth. So many of us,myself included,get so used to the ease and communication of digital and electronic formats, we often don't take the time to sit down,reflect and write a needed letter. Go ahead take the time out. Write!

Silver Lining Playbook: A Lighter Side of Mental Illness

This movie which is adapted from a book by author Matthew Quick was a critically acclaimed debut novel by Matthew Quick. The movie kept my attention from beginning to end. There were certain scenes which were particularly resonant including thescene where Tiffany and Pat are at the table flash discussing the prescription meds they are both famiar with by experience, the ranting Pat who screams to the top of his lungs as he storms through his sleeping parents bedroom searching for a mislaid novel.

For two hours, the near length of Silver Linings Playbook, what one might usually charaterize as crazy behavior seems comfortably sane,if not familiar and weaves the fabric of the silver lining PAT is on a quest to find in his movie of a life. His friend Tiffany stunninglyportrayed by Jennifer Lawrence gives him a run for his money with all her quirks and eccentricities. It is her feistiness which shinrs through most of all and ultimately contributes significantly to his healing whilr winn…